To Turn Spoken Into Written . . . Turn to Accentance

Having produced more than 20,000 transcripts since 2004, Accentance will handle your transcription needs with speed, accuracy, and highly competitive pricing. Timestamps included at no extra charge.

"I consider you guys my secret weapon. Your turnaround time is so fast and the quality of your work is so good that I always know I can meet my clients' demands and deadlines." - E.M., NYC-area Freelance Writer

What Our Clients are Saying

I really like using Accentance, because they have a very quick turnaround, they are very professional and their transcriptions are very well done, very thorough.
- Shannon Roth, National Center for State Courts
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Voice-to-Text Transcription

Don't take hours listening to something that you can instead read or skim through in minutes. Have us create written transcripts of your recorded events. With transcripts in hand, you can turn spoken words into a report, article, book, or other written work.
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Special for First-Time Customers

We'll transcribe half of your recording for FREE, for up to 1 hour of audio. (Assumes good-quality audio, three or fewer speakers, U.S. accents, and few specialized terms. Don't meet these criteria? We'll still give a discount upon review. Be sure to mention this special in your upload form.)
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