Editorial Services

Is your booked-up schedule always preventing you from sitting down and writing that report? Or are you great at what you do, but writing is not your forte? Let Accentance do the work. We are a full-service editorial consulting firm that will write or edit almost any document on your behalf. No job is too small or too large, be it writing, editing, or proofreading.

You give us a topic, and we will generate clear, high-impact prose. Or, if you do the writing, we will edit your work to bolster its appeal to your readership. This may involve rearranging paragraphs, restating sentences for maximum impact, or doing some “jazzing up” of your content.

Producing promotional literature, reports, articles, blogs, technical documentation, or any other document can be as simple as “interviewing” you about your ideas over the telephone and gathering the necessary background documents. We will take care of the rest.

The objective is always the same: to enable the reader to gain the most amount of information in the least amount of time, and as effortlessly and interestingly as possible. In this vein, Accentance’s expertise includes the following:

• Composing smooth and engaging text.

• Turning lackluster text into lively and alluring text.

• Organizing the content in a clear and logical style.

• Converting dry and/or complicated-sounding language into everyday language, while maintaining the substance.

• Arranging the layout for a more powerful effect, where appropriate.

In a nutshell, we strive to make your document as lucid, interesting, and easy to read as possible.

Accentance will also generate snappy-sounding promotional copy for you, with plenty of verve and creativity. Image-enhancing and profit-producing prose is our stock in trade.

In marketing copy, some “fluff” may be warranted. But we make sure it is not excessive and that it does not sound trite.

We are a quick study, and can generate smooth and engaging copy in no time. Even if a certain subject matter is new to us, this is by no means a negative. We would provide a fresh perspective. Give us a try and judge for yourself.

And finally, when it comes to promo copy writing, Accentance is unique: creativity combined with excellent editorial ability. The latter is not a strong suit of many good copywriters, and conversely, editors typically are not known as right-brained folks. Accentance is packed with both qualities.


“Accentuating the positive, sentence by sentence.”