Get the Gist at 65% Off

Are there times when all you need in a transcript is the gist of what was said? If so then you have a very inexpensive option. It’s called gisting.

The price: just 45 cents ($0.45) per audio minute. That’s a discount of more than 65% off of our regular rate.

Assuming crystal-clear audio quality, you’ll get a transcript that’s about 90% accurate. In other words, about 1 in 10 of the words in a given paragraph may be wrongly transcribed. And it would lack periods, paragraph breaks, speaker labels, paragraph breaks, and timestamps; just one large block of run-on text.

Why? Because instead of a human transcribing your audio, we’ll use speech recognition software. Such software obviously has limitations, but if all you need is the general thrust of what’s said, then try this option.

Note that the audio has to be very high quality in order to achieve 90 percent accuracy. That may entail a speaker dictating directly into a microphone, or a professionally recorded presentation.

If you’d like to go this route, be sure to mention it on your upload form. Or contact us prior to sending your audio.