Unproofed Software-Generated Transcripts at 65-85% Off

Are there times when you just need the gist of what was said? If so then have us deliver to you an unproofed voice-recognition-generated transcript. Up to four speakers would be differentiated. Timestamps would be included.

Rate per audio minute:

Raw, unformatted transcript:
25 cents ($0.25)

Formatted transcript:
50 cents ($0.50)

Turnaround time: No later than 1 day. Usually same day.

The formatted transcript would be the same format as our standard proofed transcripts. Or we can format it according to your preference (such as timestamps in the left column rather than at the end of paragraphs).

Assuming good audio quality, you’ll get a transcript that’s mostly accurate, but certain words will be mistranscribed, particularly uncommon names, acronyms, specialized terms, mispronounced words, and low-audible words. And because of the way in which most of us mortals speak, also expect grammatical mistakes, run-on sentences, repeated words, false starts (in which people begin a sentence but then stop and start over again), and lots of “you know’s” and “like’s”. There may be misplaced commas and periods, paragraphs may not begin in the right place, and a rogue word or two from the interviewer may not be differentiated from the respondent.

Because of such issues, editing a software-generated transcript often takes as long or almost as long as it would take to transcribe the audio from scratch. Often, every line needs an edit or two. So if you need precision and ease of readability and you plan to proof a software-generated transcript against the audio, plan on spending many hours editing. If you don’t have that kind of time, have us do it for you at our regular rate.

Note that (unproofed) software-generated transcripts of broadcast-quality recordings, with crystal-clear speaking and audio quality, typically are much more accurate and require much less editing than transcripts of non-broadcast-quality audio. So in this case it may make more sense to opt for an unproofed software-generated transcript.

If you would like this type of transcript, mention it on your upload form. Or contact us prior to sending your audio.