With our pricing method you know in advance how much your transcript will cost: we charge based on how many minutes your recording is. For a standard transcript, the base rate is $1.25 per minute of audio (for good-quality audio and three or fewer main speakers). So, for example, if you have a 30-minute recording, the price would be 30 x $1.25 = $37.50.

Following, in a nutshell, are our rates. Give us a try!

Rate Per Minute of Audio*



(assumes good audio quality, standard US accents & few specialized terms)

1-2 speakers

3 principal speakers

4 or more principal speakers (or 3 speakers with frequent back-and-forth, frequent overlapping voices and/or interruptions)

* Add 30-60 cents per audio minute (or more in certain cases, in increments of 30 cents) for subpar or poor quality audio or speaking quality.
* Add 60 cents per audio minute for rush service (24-hour turnaround). For an additional fee, same-day service may be available as well, depending on our workload at the time.
* Add 30 cents per audio minute for a verbatim transcript (where we attempt to transcribe absolutely everything including um’s, ah’s, stutters, “false starts,” etc.)
* Add $1 per audio minute to have a second transcriptionist proofread your transcript.
* Add an $10.00 flat fee to have us convert a webcast to a transcribable format.
* Standard audio file delivery is via Dropbox shared folder, or website upload form. Possible surcharge for other audio file delivery methods.

*Factors Affecting Price

Factors such as poor audio, non-clear speakers, hard-to-understand accents, frequent use of technical and/or esoteric terms and names, or frequent overlapping voices increases take longer to transcribe and therefore increases the rate – typically in increments of 30 cents per minute per factor (meetings and focus groups entail an additional 60 cents per audio minute). In cases of 3 or more principal speakers, if they are speaking one at a time, with no interruptions or overlapping voices, then a lower rate may apply. Conversely in cases of 2 speakers with frequent interruptions/overlappings, a higher rate may apply.

To listen to an example of what we consider to be good audio, click here. For a good phone-quality sample, click here.

FYI one hour of good-quality audio with 1 or 2 speakers generally takes 4-5 hours to transcribe. Recordings involving multiple speakers, frequent technical terms, foreign accents, and/or poor audio typically take much longer.

Note: For meetings and focus groups, if the voices are easily distinguishable, we will try to label the speakers. Otherwise we will use such labels as “male voice”, “female voice”, “male voice/nonenglish accent,” etc.

Audio files with poor audio quality – especially focus groups – may not be transcribable. We will let you know if this is the case.

Closed Captioning

Close-caption your video with English subtitles. Our rate for each video is $15, plus $0.25 per minute of video. So for example if your video is 30 minutes long, the charge would be $22.50 ($15 plus $0.25 x 30 minutes). We’ll provide the completed video to you in mp4 format. Other formats may involve a small surcharge. (Transcription is charged separately.)

DVDs, CDs, and Tapes

* DVDs and audio CDs require us to extract the media off of the disc and into a transcribable format, entailing a $10 surcharge per disc. For DVD media that cannot be extracted, the surcharge is $20 as this entails extra effort in order to transfer the audio to a new format.
* Data discs, where the audio file is simply copied onto the CD or DVD disc, entail no surcharge.
* For standard cassettes and microcassettes, the surcharge is $20 for the first tape and $5 for each additional tape.

If you have several tapes containing several different items to be transcribed (e.g. interviews or conference presentations), and the beginning/end of each item does not correspond to the beginning/end of each tape, then we add a surcharge for isolating each item in order to produce a unique transcript for that item (which can be time-consuming). Similarly, if you only want certain portions of the tape or tapes transcribed, there is a surcharge. Alternatively, we can have each transcript correspond to each tape, in which case there would be no surcharge.