Transcriptionist Information and Test

Thank you for your enquiring about part-time, freelance transcriptionists at Accentance.

Currently we are recruiting for a challenging project consisting of group discussions in a university setting, each about an hour and a half long on average. The audio quality ranges from subpar to poor. They involve multiple speakers, suboptimal audio quality, and in some cases non-US accents. Experience transcribing such audios is highly recommended. To listen to sample excerpts, click on the following:

Once the project is complete, anticipated in a couple of months, work may slow down considerably. You would transcribe normal audio files that come in, which include conference calls, meetings, focus groups, webcasts, speeches, in-person interviews, legal proceedings, therapy sessions, and more. They involve a variety of business, nonprofit, academic, legal, and medical-related topics and other topics. To view a sample of a typical transcript, click here.

Transcription Test

If you would like to apply, we ask that you perform a transcription test. It consists of an approximately five-minute audio file that contains short segments of various speakers. (Due to repeated editing of it, the audio quality of the audio file is questionable in parts, but do the best you can.) To download it, click on the this link. Or play it here:

Consolidate all the segments into one Word, rtf, or txt file (not an MS Works file, as we can’t open them). E-mail it to: (No need to include your resume now. Also note that for this test, you do not have to insert the timestamps. And don’t include um’s, uh-huh’s, etc.)

The Transcription Process

You need not have previous transcription experience, but this certainly helps. The only requirements are a good vocabulary, fast typing skills, Internet access, a computer, headphones, good punctuation skills, and good grammatical skills. You also will need transcription software to play digital recordings such as Express Scribe, which you can obtain by clicking here.

Typing/transcription projects could be assigned anytime, based on when we need an audio file to be transcribed. If demand is high, it could be as often as several times per week. Projects are assigned by e-mail notification. You need not accept a project if you don’t want to; you control how much you’d like to work.

In the transcripts, we request that every minute or so, you indicate the timestamp (e.g. [00:23:45]), particularly where something might be unintelligible. This allows the customer to quickly go to the location on the recording when reading the transcript in order to verify what was said, if necessary. Express Scribe software (see below) enables easy insertion of timestamps.

Pay Rates

Payment is on a per-word basis, and based on turnaround time. For good-quality audio files, if you deliver the transcript within the deadline (typically two days for non-rush projects, the base pay is a half cent i.e. 0.5 cents ($0.005) per word. (To be sure, that’s 0.5 cents, not 5 cents; or .005 dollars, not .05 dollars.) Transcripts typically range from around 1,000 words to 20,000 words.

The pay rate increases for recordings that are more difficult to transcribe – typically anywhere from an additional 0.1 to 0.4 cents per word. This may include recordings where the audio or speaking quality is not good, where there are lots of technical terms, and/or where there are many speakers such as focus groups or meetings. That includes the current project, which pays $0.009 per word.

If your typing speed is below 40 wpm, it would be best not to apply to this position.

Note that if your turnaround time goes beyond the deadline (for a normal-length recording), the payment decreases by 0.05 cents per word.

If requested, we may need a 1-day turnaround time, in which case the payment increases by an additional 0.1 or 0.2 cents per word.

Transcription Software

There are several software programs that facilitate transcription, but the one we’re most familiar with is Express Scribe. You can speed up the audio, slow it down, skip forward and backward a few seconds, all by using keys on your keyboard. It handles both audio and video files. To access the software, click here. Note that it used to be free but now they charge for it. The trial version, however, may be free.

Thank you, and we look forward to reviewing your transcription test. If it is adequate, we will likely get back to you within a couple of weeks. Good luck!