Video Production

Convey your message with one of the richest and most powerful communications mediums that exists. With video, viewers are impacted and retain information to a far greater extent than through reading printed words or viewing photographs. You’re capturing viewers’ attention by integrating many different modes of communication into one.

Wow your target audience with a DVD or streaming Web video highlighting your brand, product, service, or issue. Such a video may take the form of a professional voice-over informing viewers about your product or activities, peppered with videos, images and graphics reinforcing the points. Interviews of you and/or spokespeople would be included if desired. If you do not have a script, we can write one for you.

Take your “elevator speech” – or any other 1 to 2 minute presentation – and turn it into a flawlessly-executed video for your website, YouTube, or any other venue.

We’ll videotape you standing in front of a greenscreen, enabling us to insert any background(s) including your logo, pictures, or other graphics. You can recite your speech off the cuff, but we recommend putting it into text and reading it from our teleprompter. We’ll even include background music – we have many selections from which you can choose.

Accentance makes professional video productions of other events such as conferences, seminars, performances, and more.

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Professional Audio Recording

If you just need audio recording services, Accentance provides that as well. Whether it’s a conference, seminar, meeting, focus group, interview, dialogue, voiceover, or other endeavor, Accentance will professionally audio record your session for high-fidelity sound. We’ll mix and/or arrange the audio to your specifications, and output it to WAV, MP3, or other formats.