Master the Language of a Billion Human Beings


That’s what you get with Accentance. Whether you’re a beginner learner of Mandarin or an intermediate looking to enhance your skills, our audios teach you words and dialogues associated with the most common everyday activities – like eating, traveling, giving directions, personal hygiene, shopping, health and sickness, family, surfing the Internet, and more.

Who has time to sit down in front of a computer each day to learn a foreign language? If you’re like most people, the only time you can squeeze in learning something new is during your commute, while exercising, or any other periods of downtime when you can listen through your handheld device or car stereo. With our learning system, you can do that. And no writing involved. (For most folks, just speaking and listening are adequate. We provide the Chinese characters in our PDF Companion Guide, but studying those is optional.)

Each module in our program consists of a one-paragraph narration describing simple everyday activities, followed by the vocabulary words from that narration. Click here to view a sample. You’ll hear the narration the first time and think, how could I ever understand that? But once you learn the vocab words, you’ll understand it. Do enough of those, and you’ll learn the basics of the language.

Plus, you get a PDF Companion Guide with all of the dialogues and vocabulary words, in the pinyin and Chinese characters.

That’s plenty to give you a basic working knowledge. There are over four hours of audio. We use professional voiceover artists in both English and Mandarin. And they’re both male and female voices because naturally, that’s what you hear in real life.

The audios are available for immediate download to listen with your smartphone, iPod, computer, or other device. (Prefer CDs? Contact us.)

Whether you’re a beginner in Mandarin or beyond, the Accentance Chinese language learning system is for you. Purchase it now for the special low price of just $29.95!